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Introduction: Telepathy in the Prague Castle

1 Fu Man Chuís Goatee

2 Two Monks on a Parapet

3 The Man from Derry

4 A Fire in the Navel

5 A Most Altruistic Person

6 No Rubber Duckies

7 Diamonds on the Net

8 A Rifle in the Bedroon

9 A Sea of Golden Turtles

10 A Korean Scholar in Bodhgaya

11 Some Positive, Invisible Vibrations

12 Like Molding Clay

13 The Making of a Space Yogi

14 White Kites Fluttering

15 A Couple of Unsigned Photographs

16 All the Selfish Buddhas

17 The Coldness of Blueberries

18 Meditating to the Beeb

19 Sophisticated Mind, Calm Mind